Bring us Your Ideas

New ideas and innovations for addressing global development challenges can come from anywhere - a start-up entrepreneur, a university research institute, a corporation, or a grassroots community organization. USAID welcomes individuals and organizations to share their ideas on how we can do development differently.

USAID recognizes that new ideas, new solutions, and new models of development are needed to tackle the most intractable development challenges and realize our vision of eradicating extreme poverty worldwide. We are reaching out in new ways to source ideas that have the potential to move the development needle.

We invite individuals and organizations to share their ideas on how to address challenges in areas such as, food security, global health and climate change. Here's how to share your ideas with us and/or apply for funding:

For more information on responding to specific solicitations throughout the Agency, visit our Search for Opportunities page or contact us.


Training On How To Work With USAID: Virtual training sessions that provide basics of how to find opportunities and effectively work with USAID.

Last updated: March 07, 2018

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